Friday, 27 April 2012

I know the face...

Top left: Phil Vicary; Bottom left: Jason Leonard; Right: Phil Vicary again
Great at identifying English rugby props? Nor me, it seems.

Here are two of them: 75-times capped Phil Vicary and 114-times capped Jason Leonard.

And alongside the mugshots is another photo of Mr Vicary (also the BBC's Celebrity MasterChef 2011) posing with a light aperitif in front of the paw-things gazebo at the Vale Country Fair in Andoversford, near Cheltenham.

I thought I did pretty well to get a photo at all, given that the conversation where I was going to ask him to pose began with me saying: "Excuse me, it is Mr Leonard, isn't it?".


MacDonald's on the up!

Got dispatched by Daughter No. 2 to MacDonald's this afternoon (usual order - large plain cheeseburger meal, a Coke and a Smarties MacFlurry).

Stopped by that pole which speaks to you and a real-live voice said: "Welcome to Cardiff Gate MacDonald's" and the nice polite young man from whom the voice emerged proceeded to most courteously take my order.

Very good.

On to the collection window. Wonder upon wonders! The MacFlurry was pleasingly full!; for possibly in my experience the first time ever! (Usually have to debate how much ice-cream constitutes 'enough' until an extra squeeze is reluctantly splodged on top of the Smarties.)

MacDonald's - moving on up! Well done!