Monday, 11 January 2010

Calm down!

You know that feeling?

You've got something you want to share with the world - but you don't know the right time to share it.

So it is with new products. Most of what I sell just isn't available anywhere else, so when I'm waiting for a delivery it's hard, so hard, to avoid making it available whilst the consignment is still chugging across the oceans towards me.

And so it specifically has been with the consignment of dog Bak-Paks which - after all kinds of problems with the snow last week - finally arrived with me today.

I've had the red-over-black colour combinations previously - the big excitement for me is the brand spanking new black-over-black Bak-Paks, my first consignment of this colour combination.

Unable to restrain myself I made them available towards the end of last week - and kept my fingers crossed that the transport company would finally deliver today. (28 days to travel half way around the world; 10 days to travel 200 miles across the UK!)

They've arrived. Phew!